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A little about Locals Choice Plumbing & Heating
& Dave Godzak

Our Business Philosophy

I started Locals Choice back in 1995 and have been taking care of the people of Summit County since the early 80's. Having worked for other companies in the mountains and seeing the prices sky rocket, I felt I could provide my customers with the best service around and at a reasonable cost.
Plumbing & heating repairs just keep going up and I try my best to keep the costs down to my customers. It takes a lot to provide you with top quality service. Equipment, trucks and tools to do the job right.
The right stuff doesn't come cheap.
I also stock over $30,000 in inventory to reduce trips to our suppliers and have the supplies to help in an emergency/after hours when running to a supplier is NOT an option.
I've also felt we do some of the best work in the county for our customers. I try to take care of my customers like I would a friend and plan on keeping it that way. If you've never tried us, give me a chance to show you just what customer service is all about,
Dave Godzak, owner

Labor Rate:

Our current rates are as follows:
Labor rate $95.00 per hour.
Trip Charge for Dillon, Silverthorne, Keystone and the Frisco area is $50.00
Breckenridge, Blue River and areas south of Ute Pass is $55.00
I will reduce our labor rate for larger jobs.
(prices are subect to change at any time)
We will do our best to keep our prices down.
Why is there a trip charge? Our trip charges are only intended to cover our costs to send a service tech. to your house. It covers his time from anywhere is the county to your house and the gas it takes to get there along with other expenses. Our trip charges do not increase after hours, on weekends or holidays. Trip charges are only on the inital trip out, any return trips after that are charged as actual travel time at our current labor rate.




What we can do for you.

We provide the following services:
Heating system repair, service and installation.
Boiler, Forced air furnace and Solar systems.
Combustion testing with print out to maintain maximum efficency.
Carbon Monoxide and gas leak tests.
Boiler cleaning and high altitude adjustments.
Plumbing repair, service and installation.
Pipe thawing.
We DO NOT provide drain cleaning at this time.
We fix everything from a dippy faucet to a major remodel.

We have the equipment to serve you.

I keep our trucks ready to go.
They're all 4wd or AWD to
get us to you even in a storm.


I've also set up a construction trailer to serve
you better on our larger jobs.
I can bring the shop to you now!


This will help reduce the need to run for parts.
Which will save us time and you money.


Locals Choice Plumbing & Heating Co.
P.O. Box 825
Dillon, CO. 80435
(970) 468-8582
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